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Let Me Shave You Before I Give You A Blowjob




I am taking a nice bath, shaving my legs, when I see my roommate walk in. What are you doing in here? I’m feeling extra slutty today. I want to give you a blowjob while I sit in this warm bath water. It’s going to feel really good. I go back and forth on your cock with my hot mouth, when I suddenly stop, and realize that you have pubic hair!

I hate pubic hair! Let me shave that off for you. I can’t give you a good blowjob with all that hair. I shave nice and slow, lathering your whole area, getting every inch of your hair, careful not to cut you. I start all the way at the top, and work my way down, using my other hand to guide me. You have so much pubic hair that I have to constantly rinse off the razor in the bathtub.

Mmmm.. It’s starting to look a lot better. I go up and down with the razor, shave on the side, to get your cock nice and smooth for me. Look at this this hair! I love watching all of it come off. It turns me on so much. Nice and clean. I wipe off all the shaving cream, and stroke your cock, getting ready to suck your dick.

I suck it hard and fast, deepthroating–gagging on it, and drooling all over myself in the bathtub. I gasp for air after jamming it down my throat. My make-up starts to run.

Come on, cum all over my face. Come on. Cum all over my face.

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Let Me Shave You Before I Give You A Blowjob