Desperate To Pee And Too Tired To Walk To The Restroom




I arrive home not feeling well at all. I am dizzy, and I just want to go to bed. I take a few drinks from my soda, and lay down.

After laying down on the bed, I realize that I desperately need to pee. I begin to squirm, squeezing my legs together, and talking about how badly I have to pee.

I REALLY have to pee, but I don’t feel like getting up. I finally convince myself to get up, and start walking towards the bedroom door to reach the bathroom.

I stop, squirming, holding my crotch with my hand.

I really have to pee, but the bathroom is SO far away. I continue to squirm, and hold my crotch. I decide that it would be just easier to just wet my jeans in my bed. I take a few drinks, lay on my side, and call my boyfriend.

“I think you should sleep on the couch tonight. I’m just not feeling too well, and I am going to soak my jeans, and wet the bed.”

I hang up the phone, and let loose. I begin to pee my jeans, sighing and moaning from relief.

I feel so much better. Now I can go to sleep.

I pull the wet comforter over me, and fall asleep peacefully.

I wake up after a few hours, in the middle of the night, and stand up. I look down at the wet stain on the bed and laugh. I REALLY had to pee.

I show off my soaked jeans, and my wet blanket. Pee is all over my ass, on the side of my crotch, my legs, and my knees!

I begin to take off my jeans, and then pull them back up. Since the bed is already soaked, I’ll just keep wetting myself and the bed all night!

I go back to sleep, completely relieved.

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Desperate To Pee And Too Tired To Walk To The Restroom