Home From Work And Desperate To Pee




I arrive home, mail in arms, completely desperate to pee. Instead of running to the bathroom, I start flipping through the mail, squirming and holding my crotch. I really have to pee. I moan and sigh, completely desperate.

I walk into the other room to grab a soda to drink, open it, and begin drinking it. I go back and forth from drinking the soda to squirming, pacing back and forth, holding my crotch, twirling around. I REALLY have to pee! I have to pee so bad.

I don’t really feel like going to the bathroom, so instead, I decided that I am purposely just going to pee in my jeans. It will be just easier if I pee in my jeans. I don’t know how long I can hold this.

I open my legs and pee in my jeans. The warm pee runs right through my jeans–through the crotch, down my legs, and all over my ass. Ah, that feels so much better. I sigh from relief. That felt soooo good.

Look! It looks like I made a little puddle. I grab the mail again and continue to flip through it, but can’t resist rubbing my feet in the pee puddle. It goes through my toes, and covers my soles.

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Home From Work And Desperate To Pee