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Too Desperate To Make It To The Toilet




I am starting to walk back from the park when I realize how desperately I have to pee. Since the park isn’t too far from my house, I decide to try and make it to the toilet to pee. I walk slow, since my bladder is so full, stopping every so often to make sure I don’t start leaking.

When I get to the house, I start having problems with the locks to the house–fidgeting with my keys, I try my hardest to get inside the house. The side door won’t open with my key, so I walk slowly over to the front of the house, where I also have trouble getting in. I finally get inside the house, completely desperate to pee, and walk over to the downstairs bathroom. I seem to have bad luck, as I try to walk into the bathroom, and it is locked! Somebody is in it!

I can’t hold it much longer, so I attempt to walk up the stairs, slowly and completely desperate at this point. I might just leak at any moment. I have to stop, as my bladder is so full and completely ready to burst.

As I walk into the bathroom, I don’t even make it to the toilet before I burst right through my jeans. It’s not fair! I was so close to the toilet. What a cruel situation. The pee is all over my hands, down my crotch and legs, and on my butt.

As I am completely embarrassed that I didn’t make it, my roommate walks into the bathroom, and sees that I have peed myself. He continues to tell me what bad luck I must have had to reach the toilet, and not even have the chance to pee in it! How embarrassing. It’s all over me. I can’t believe I did that! All over my brand new jeans.

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Too Desperate To Make It To The Toilet