Shaving My Pussy, Peeing, And Masturbating In The Shower




I get in the shower, getting myself nice and wet, and begin to shave off the stubble on my pussy. I want to make sure to get it nice and smooth for you.

I pick up my razor, and stroke up and down on the hair to get it clean. I make sure to shave around my pussy lips, above and underneath my pussy.

After I get it completely smooth, I open my legs and pee. A yellow stream comes out, and I sigh from relief. That felt so good, and even turned me on.

Dripping wet, I prop one leg on the bathtub, and finger myself. I moan in ecstasy, and go back and forth from rubbing my clit to fingering myself.

I change positions, leaning against the shower wall, and rub my pussy hard and fast. I spread my pussy lips open and finger myself, moaning louder.

I prop my leg back up on the bathtub, and get ready to cum. My make-up begins to smear from the shower.

I lick the cum from my fingers, and breathe heavy from relief.

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Shaving My Pussy, Peeing, And Masturbating In The Shower