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Sexy Nude Boston Crab Submission Holds


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I show my body off to you, posing in various positions, with my high heels, tank top, and thong.

You come over, completely horny, as I start making out with you, and stripping off your clothes. I allow you to get me completely naked, and I take off my heels.

As we continue to make-out, I knee you in the stomach, and knock you down on your back.

I take both of your legs in my arms, flip you to the side, and Boston Crab you. I sit comfortably on your ass, holding your legs, with my fists clenched, and my thumbs up.

I get up, releasing your legs, only to Boston Crab you over, and over! I force you in pain, hearing you moan and grunt, as I sit right on you.

After finally being satisfied with several Boston Crabs, I lend out a hand, and help you up.

I kiss you on the mouth, and walk away, as you rest against the wall.

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Sexy Nude Boston Crab Submission Holds