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Exploring My Belly Button With A Pen


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I’m lying on the bed, with only my gray thong on, and reading a catalog. As I am reading, I begin to play with my bellybutton with my index finger.

I put each finger inside my bellybutton, and notice that it actually starts to feel really good. I put my catalog down, and focus on how good it feels to touch my bellybutton.

I put each finger in its hole–rubbing the inside, and then begin rubbing right outside my bellybutton–making circles around it.

I see that I have a pen attached to my catalog, so I un-hook it, and begin to twist it inside my bellybutton. I twist it harder–making my skin swirl around my bellybutton.

I take the pen and run it gently over my bellybutton. It feels so good, so I keep rubbing it over and over.

And when I’m done, I go back to reading my catalog.

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Exploring My Belly Button With A Pen