Girl With Ponytail Facefucked And Plays With Cum




Look at me–my white lingerie, ponytail, bright red lipstick, big blue eyes, and black heels. Watch me as I get undressed–teasing you, trying to make your cock hard. Look at my body. I lay on my stomach, looking at you seductively, with nothing but my black heels on. I want you to face-fuck me. You grab my ponytail, then put your hands on my head, forcing me to suck your hard cock. Drool runs out of mouth, and red lipstick gets all over your cock. I gag, and drool falls off of your cock. I love to be face-fucked. You grab my ponytail, and make me gag over and over. I gasp for air, and you stick your hard cock back into my mouth. I gag harder, and drool runs from my mouth onto my chin. I keep gasping for air, and rub my tongue against your cock. Bubbles form, and more drool flows out of my mouth. Your face-fucking me so hard that you begin to mess up my ponytail, and my hair begins to fall everywhere. My mascara is running, my hair is completely messed up, and drool has covered my chin. You pull your cock out of my mouth, as I pant for exhaustion. You jerk off for only a few seconds until jamming your cock back into my mouth to finish you off. A little bit of cum runs down my face. I play with the other bit of cum, letting it drop out of my mouth, and sucking it back in before swallowing it.

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Girl With Ponytail Facefucked And Plays With Cum