Tricked Into Becoming Her Human Ashtray




Come here! I just want to give you a blowjob.

Can I cuff you up? I am kinda kinky like that. And just let me put this blindfold on you, and maybe just this ball gag. This makes me really wet. That’s my kinky boy.

I’m going to make you feel really good.

I’m sure you want a nice blowjob, don’t you?

I take off my top, and begin rubbing your cock outside you pants. I stop to light up a cigarette. It’s just one quick cigarette–it won’t hurt anything.

I blow the smoke directly in your face, and you start coughing. Aw, you don’t like that? I kiss your ball gag, and rub your cock, pulling it out of your pants. I stroke it slowly, taking deep inhales of the cigarette and blowing them in your face.

I go back and forth–teasing and denying you pleasure, blowing smoke in your face, and making you cough.

This is fun! I bounce up on down on you. And oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that! I just ashed on your stomach. Maybe I can convince you that it’s alright. I stroke your cock, and blow smoke in your face again.

I flick ashes on you again. Oops, there is goes again. But you’re such a good ashtray!

I get naked, but continue taking huge inhales and exhales, and blowing them in your face–teasing your cock the whole time.

I’m almost done with my cigarette. Be patient. I flick the ashes on your stomach again. Good boy.

I continue to tease and deny you pleasure.

Oh, my cigarette is done. I take one more huge inhale and exhale on your face. I’ll be right back.

Or maybe I’ll just keep you there. Mmm.

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Tricked Into Becoming Her Human Ashtray