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Half A Year Of Knots Brushed Out Of Hair


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I bought this new brush today. The reason that I bought is because I usually just run my fingers through my hair to brush it. I actually haven’t combed it with a real brush in probably 5-6 months.

I am going to try and comb all the knots out of it. I have thick Italian hair, so it’s probably going to get really puffy.

I pull out my hair clips, and show you how many knots I have by sticking my fingers in my hair and jerking–the knots stop my fingers from going through.

As I brush my hair, you can hear the comb going through all the knots. I brush the left side of my hair–holding pieces of hair that have big knots in them. I start to work my way towards the back–taking my fingers to break the knots before taking the brush through them.

I turn around, and begin stroking the brush down the back of my head. As I brush, my hair becomes smoother and smoother. The brush starts to get through my hair easily.

Finally, I turn back around to work on the right side of my head–running the brush through all the knots. As I finish getting every bit of my hair, I run my fingers through to check for any more knots. I find a couple, so I comb them out.

I make sure my hair is perfect, and show you how flawlessly the brush goes through my thick hair. Look how smooth and pretty my hair is now.

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Half A Year Of Knots Brushed Out Of Hair