Fembot The Android Teacher has Her Remote Control Stolen


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Fembot is an android teacher, she had a cybernetic conversion procedure done that turned her into a robot. She comes home to find one of her student in her home. Her student has found the remote control that can override the physical controls of her robotic body. She starts her charging sequence and inserts her power cord dildo to charger her battery. Her student keeps messing with the controls and activates her SEXUAL PLEASURE FUNCTIONS. So she begins her self pleasuring sequence She cannot control your body as she pleases herself and you lets her student know that it is not appropriate. She asks her student to deactivate the sexual program and when they do not, she begins to malfunction. She repeats herself and actions, she freezes mid motion and then moves again. Eventually she orgasms, and then has a malfunction in human personality and emulation drive.

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Fembot The Android Teacher has Her Remote Control Stolen

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