Navel Worship Blowjob And Cum In Her Perfect Belly Button




I pull my top up, revealing my chest, and begin to rub my fingers up and down your stomach–above, below, and across your bellybutton. I rub gently, only using my fingertips.

I stroke one finger, then two, and three, worshiping your navel area. I begin to kiss gently, going up and down your stomach. And then I gently rub my fingers across it again, while kissing it sweetly some more.

I pull down your pants, pulling your hand cock out, and begin rubbing it up and down the shaft. I love worshiping your body.

I give you a slow handjob, sticking my tongue down into your bellybutton, and all the way up your stomach.

I finger your bellybutton, as I stroke your cock harder and faster. My whole hand wrapped around it, as my tongue takes strides across your stomach and in your bellybutton.

I go back and forth between giving you a handjob, licking and fingering your stomach.

I put my wet, hot mouth over your dick, and begin to suck you off–giving you a nice, messy blowjob. I gag on your cock, while drool runs down my mouth.

Right before I get you off, I lay down, and let you cum all over my stomach. A huge load fills my bellybutton, spilling all around it.

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Navel Worship Blowjob And Cum In Her Perfect Belly Button