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Finger Brushing My Gums




I brush my very upper gums–rubbing side to side, alternating between my index and middle finger. My face is relaxed, and I don’t flinch it as I go back and forth, horizontally, finger brushing them.

I start the finger brushing on the right side of my face, and work my way towards the middle, and eventually the left. I am only brushing the very, very upper part of my gums.

As I move back and forth, I can hear a clicking sound. The clicking sounds gets louder and softer as I change speeds. I begin to change speeds as I brush–moving from slow to fast, and fast to slow. You can hear the shift of my finger as I move it over different part of my gums. My lip moves along with my finger–show exactly where my finger is in my mouth, as it slides from gum to gum.

My gums are sensitive, and I can feel them getting sorer as I speed up my finger brushing.

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Finger Brushing My Gums