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Sex Ed: Mommy Shows Son How To Use A Condom




This young MILF‘s son has never put on a condom before, and struggles trying to put it on his soft, limp dick. He just can’t seem to figure out how to put it on. As he struggles, his mom walks in asking for his dirty clothes, and sees that her son is messing with a condom. Her son gets quickly embarrassed, trying to cover himself up, while his mother keeps asking about the condom.

Is that a condom?

Are you sexually active with girls now?

She tells her son that he can’t simply put a condom on a limp dick, and suggests that he makes it hard to show him how to put it on. Since her son is too embarrassed to jerk it in front of his mom, his mom insists to make it hard for him.

Stroking her son, she watches as it gets hard, and teaches him how to put the condom on. After the condom is on, the son asks if the cum will actually stay in the condom. Since the only way to find out is to actually climax, the mom takes over her son’s climax, and begins to give him a blowjob over the condom.

She continues to go between a handjob and blowjob, as her son learns more about the condom. She tells her son that she wants to make him feel good, that he needs to cum for his mommy, and that he is such a good son for trying to learn how to use a condom. Mommy encourages her son to cum for her so that he can see how the condom works. She is so proud of her son! What a good boy.

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Sex Ed: Mommy Shows Son How To Use A Condom

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