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Playing With Her Cute Nose


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I tease you with my body–showing off my ass in my gray thong. I turn back around and playfully flirt with you.

“Do you want to get on top of me?”

You agree, and push me down onto the bed.

“Do you want me to get naked for you?”

I begin to strip off my bra and shirt, and once again, tell you to get on top of me.

You get on top of me, grab my chest, but then start playing with my nose.

You push back my nose, making me have a pig nose–calling me a little piggy, and telling me that I look so sexy like that.

You continue to push it up, squeeze my nose, and poke it. I move my head, but you keep pushing it up, and I let you play with it.

Since you think it looks so sexy, you convince to try it because it’s fun.

I push my nose even further up–holding my nose up with one finger, then with two fingers.

I even make a piggie noise for you! I continue to play around, trying to turn you on–squishing my nose from side to side, and holding it up in the air for you.

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Playing With Her Cute Nose