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Arrestee Bribes Undercover Cop With Blowjob




An undercover cop arrests a girl for having a warrant. He tells her to put her hands up, slams her into the wall, and handcuffs her hands behind her back. As she is threatened to be taken to jail, she bribes the cop with a blowjob, and the officer tells her “they can work something out.”

The officer pushes her onto her knees, and she begins giving him a sensual blowjob. As she is handcuffed, she continues to give go faster, trying her hardest to stay out of jail. Drool begins to run down her mouth and fall onto her chest.

She seductively asks the cop to free up her hands a bit, knowing he would never allow it. She continues to give him a nice, wet blowjob, until she is changed into a position with her feet towards his cock. Since he wants to cum on her feet, her handcuffs are now below her ass, and she is completely bent over with her head pushed against the floor.

He takes her flip flops off, cumming all over the soles of her feet. Her hands are pressed up against the back of her feet, as cum drips down from the bottom of her feet and in between her toes. As he finishes up, the girl asks if he will release her, and if her warrant will go away. “What warrant?”

She finds out that she never had a warrant, and that the undercover cop has tricked her into sexually pleasing him.

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Arrestee Bribes Undercover Cop With Blowjob