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Cum On My Birthday Cake




Yay! It’s my birthday! I am going to blow up some balloons.

I am wearing nothing, but a birthday hat, thigh highs, arm cuffs, and satin red gloves. Balloons and streamers are covering my bed, and I begin to blow up green, purple, and pink balloons.

I’m so excited it’s my birthday! I begin to play with some of the balloons, tossing them in the air, and rubbing them on my body.

I rub them on my chest, then rub my gloves over my chest, while I squeeze a balloon between my thighs.

A slice of birthday cake is given to me with candles.

“But aren’t you going to make it special for me?”

I tell him I want him to cum on the cake, making it special for me, so I blow out the candles, and get on my knees.

I stroke his cock with my red gloves, and go up and down his cock with my mouth. I deep-throat him, getting drool all over my face, chest, and gloves. My gloves are completely drenched.

“It’s like a present for both of us!”

I twist my gloved hand on his cock, and go back and forth on his cock, drooling, and getting him ready to cum on my cake.

“You better give me a good birthday present!”

I get the cake ready by his cock, and he spills his huge load all over it.

I am so excited that I can barely wait to eat it. Yummy! I sit down on the balloon covered bed.

“What a great birthday present!”

I eat every bite of the cum covered cake slice, closing my eyes at how good it tastes. Mmmm… So, so good.

I love the taste of the cum on my cake that I even lick the plate clean.

Happy birthday to me!

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Cum On My Birthday Cake