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Pillow Humping Gives Me Multiple Orgasms


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I strip down sensually for you–pulling down my light blue thong, and raising my tiny, tiny top. I grab a nice fluffy pillow beside me, and straddle it. The pillow lies between my chest, and in between my pussy, as I sensually rub up against it. I go slow at first–making sure I genuinely enjoy it, and looking into your eyes.

I moan and sigh with pleasure, and hold the end of the bed to hump it harder. It feels so good. I re-adjust it to make sure it’s perfectly between my pussy.

Right before I cum, I begin to go a bit faster, and much harder. I put my fingers in my pussy–only to show you my cum.

Do you want me to cum again for you?

Now I bounce on the pillow, as I ride it cowgirl style. I get back on top of it, with my breasts between the pillow, and dig the toes of my heels into the bed. I am riding it harder this time, and don’t stop giving you eye contact. I know you love to see how much this pleasures me. My hair bounces in my face, and I fuck the pillow harder.

I want to cum again for you. I moan louder, breathing heavy, as you watch my ass shake from being on top of the pillow.

Now I fuck it hard, making tons of noise on the bed, and putting my head down in pleasure. I cum again, and lay flat on my stomach–breathing heavy, panting, and completely exhausted. I put my fingers in my pussy again, and pull them out to show you how much cum is on my fingers.

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Pillow Humping Gives Me Multiple Orgasms