Sexy Blowjob And Cumshot Onto A Piece Of Fruitcake




I have some delicious fruitcake, but you know what would make it really good? You know what I love more than anything? Your cum. So, I would just love you to ice your cum all over this cake. I’m going to give you a blowjob, so you can get your cum all over it. Mmm…

I pull my top off, showing you my perky tits, and then move over to pull down your boxers. I put your hard cock inside my mouth–sucking the head, and making it completely wet. I bob my head up and down on your cock, as I drool all over it. I continue to suck, and take my hand to twist the bottom of it. Come on–cum on my cake for me. Make it taste good for me. I beg for your cum. I really love the taste of your cum.

I hold my the slice of cake underneath your cock, and you cum all over it. Wow! So much icing now. So, so good. Let me just spread it all over. I eat every bite of the cake in complete ecstasy–tilting my head back in pleasure. It just tastes so good. The cum is all soaked up in the cake. I eat the whole slice, and when it is gone, I lick the plate clean. I lick off my fingers, and clean off the fork with my tongue. I thank you for your cum–it tastes so delicious.

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Sexy Blowjob And Cumshot Onto A Piece Of Fruitcake