Foot Fetish Nurse At Your Service With A Footjob




A sexy nurse has decided to take over treatment on a special patient–a convicted criminal whom has been convicted for sexually assaulting women in order to get to their feet. Being the only reason she has decided to take over his well-being, she loves being a foot tease, and decides to tease him with her feet.

She walks into the patient’s room wearing sexy nurse lingerie, red thigh-high stockings, and big black heels. As she approaches the patient’s bedside, she opens her notepad.

“Let’s see what we have here. Okay, a heart failure related to erectile dysfunction. Treatment involves stimulating cock until hard and properly flowing through your body.”

She reveals to the patient that she has taken over his treatment ONLY because of his background involving criminal activity.

“Let’s just get the treatment done and over with. You will notice that you have been tied up… because I don’t want you to try and come at me, so you’re tied up. You can’t move–sorry about your luck.”

The nurse pulls down the patient’s boxers, and begins to stroke his cock before saying, “This isn’t really what you want, is it?”

He shakes his head no, and she takes off her heels. She sits on the bed, facing the patient, and puts her thigh-high in his face–wiggling her toes. He breathes in her foot odor.

She notices that his cock has gotten harder from smelling her feet, so she pulls them down to his cock, and begins stroking it with her feet. She changes her feet in several positions–stroking his cock vigorously.

The nurse then takes one foot, and places it in the patient’s face, as she runs her other foot over his cock.

She finally takes her thigh-high socks, revealing her bare feet, and begins stroking his cock with her feet. She changes her foot strokes into different positions–her feet going up and down his cock at various angles.

After a while, she stops and decides that there is no further need to stimulate. His treatment has been taken care of for the day.

“The treatment has been working very, very well. And you’re quite hard.”

She shoves her red thigh-highs into his mouth, and sticks her feet into his face one more time–wiggling her toes. He breathes her feet in deeply. She grabs her notepad, puts her heels back on–telling him she’ll him soon for another treatment.

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Foot Fetish Nurse At Your Service With A Footjob