Balloon Pop Fun In Car Wash


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I want to have some fun at the car wash, so I pull out some of my balloons to blow up and pop!

I blow up a purple balloon, tie it off, and then squeeze the shape with my hands until it pops.

I continue to blow up purple, green, and white balloons, tying them off, and popping them with my hands. Some pop faster than others, while I have to squeeze others into crazy shapes for them to pop.

It’s windy outside, and my hair is blowing in the wind. I even begin to blow them up, with my head towards the ceiling of the carwash. You can see all the cars on the street behind me!

When I reach one of my green balloons, I start to have a hard time popping it with my bare hands, so I decide to put it under my shoe. That doesn’t work until I put all my weight on it!

I look around for just one more balloon, and notice that there is one left in my backpack. I blow it up, squeeze it with my bare hands, and blow a kiss.

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Balloon Pop Fun In Car Wash