Bedroom Intruder Facefucks MILF And Glazes Her Face In Cum


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An intruder comes through the window as I am cleaning with my white gloves. Being the good housewife that I am, I dust the walls, and don’t see the intruder come in.

He grabs me from behind, with his hand over my mouth, and I scream “Help, help.” I try to move away from his hand, but he forces me down, and tells me to suck his cock.

“Fuck you.”

“I’m going to tell you one last time–put it in your mouth.”

Being the smart-ass housewife that I am, I say, “DO IT, CHICKEN.”

And he jams his finger into my mouth, extending it, and jams his cock inside. I gag and choke on his cock, as drool runs everywhere. I only decide to comply with him, so that he will leave the house.

Every time I try to pull away for air, he forces me back–forcefully jamming his cock into my mouth.

He pulls me up by the hair, and pushes me against the wall, pulling down my pants, and sticking his cock inside of me.

He fucks me hard against the wall, and then throws me against the bed. My ass is in the air, and he continues to fuck me doggystyle.

“You know… that doesn’t feel as good.” He throws me back down on my knees by my hair, and continues to make me suck his cock.

I gag and cough–continuing to drool all over his cock. He grabs my hair, opens my mouth, as he face-fucks me hard. I have to gasp for air.

He pulls his cock out of my mouth, drags me by my hair, and cums all over my face.

I am so mad and disgusted that I tell him to “get the fuck out of here!”

He runs towards the window to escape.

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Bedroom Intruder Facefucks MILF And Glazes Her Face In Cum