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Sniffing My Pussy Juices And Eating Cum Off My Black Thong




I know you think it is so hot when I wear a thong. I tease you by moving my body in sexy ways, and you start to get hard by looking at my thong.

I rub the outside of my thong, pulling it into my crotch, and lift up my shirt to reveal my perky tits. I get on the bed–stretching my body, as my thong faces you. I rock my hips, and take my finger to rub the outside of my thong. Mmm…

I lay on my back, still rubbing my thong, and moan as I pleasure myself. I know it turns you on. I pull my thong up, and into my crotch, as I tease you more. I moan louder–rubbing harder and faster. I flip around, doggystyle, to tease you even more. Now, I slide my fingers down my thong, and you can hear how wet I am as I finger myself hard and fast. I rock back and forth from pleasure, as I get wetter. I know you’re jerking off to how sexy I am in my thong. I alternate between rubbing my pussy, and fingering myself until I finally cum. I wipe my fingers clean, using my thong, and rub the thong further into my crotch to soak up all my pussy juices. “Mmm… let me clean that up.”

I tease you one last time with my thong before taking it off, and putting it onto my face. I put the waistbands over my ears, and the crotch over my nose–breathing in my wet pussy aroma. I breathe in and out. in and out–getting turned on by the smell. I know you’ve been watching me–jerking off, as I masturbate in front of you.

I get down on my knees, with the thong still as my mask, and look up at you. You cum all over the thong on my face–completely soaking it with your huge, hot load. I take the thong off of my face, and lick all of the cum off of it–showing you my clean mouth after I swallow it. I bite down on the thong, and suck all of your cum out.

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Sniffing My Pussy Juices And Eating Cum Off My Black Thong