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Mommy Needs Her Son’s Cum For Face Cream




Mommy is looking at herself in the mirror, when her son knocks on the door. He asks her if she can help with his homework, but is soon interrupted by his mom.

“Oh gosh, have you ever noticed how many wrinkles I have?”

She continues to look at her wrinkles in her mirror, as he son tries to get her to help with his homework.

“He told me if I wanted to pass the class, I had to learn how to do all these problems…”

Instead of addressing the problem, Mom decides to tell her son about what she heard in Cosmo.

“You know what I heard? I was reading Cosmo, and I heard that cum was REALLY good for your face.”

She makes a deal with her son that if her son helps her get some cum, then she will help him with his homework. Since Daddy isn’t there for cum, she convinces her son to do it for her.

“But you have to do me a favor… You won’t have to do anything. I just need you to cum on my face. I’ll do all the work. Make sure you make a big load all over my face.”

Mommy takes her jeans off to get comfortable, and gets on her knees. “Come here, honey.”

“You’re going to help me with my homework when we’re done, right?”

Mommy sucks her son’s dick, while she tells him that she wants him to make a huge load on his face. She gags, and drool begins to run down her chin and onto her shirt.

“Give me a big, huge load, and I’ll help you out with your homework.”

Her son begins to get uncomfortable having his mom suck on his cock, and he suggests that he finish in the bathroom.

His mom cuts him off, and tells him to fuck her from behind–to just get the porno magazine underneath the pillow, and pretend she is someone else.

He puts the porno magazines on her back, and fucks her against the wall–looking at the sexy women in his Daddy’s magazine.

“Come on, honey. I want you to feel real good, so you give me a huge load! My boy’s got a huge cock. It’s so nice you’re helping Mommy!”

Since Mommy is afraid that he will cum somewhere else beside her face, she gets back on her knees.

She rubs his cock with her hand, then begins to go up and down with her mouth–drooling everywhere.

Her son pulls out, and cums on her face. She then asks her son to help rub the cum all over–making sure to get all the wrinkles.

“Now what do you need help with?” She sits on the bed, and claims that she can already feel the cum working on her face.

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Mommy Needs Her Son’s Cum For Face Cream

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