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Supervillian Kidnaps You And Marvelous Woman JOI




I’ve been trying to take over the town of Citysville for years. You and Marvelous Woman have foiled with my plans–ruining them EVERY time! So, I thought, “Wow, I’m going to get my revenge on you.” You’re just a lousy reporter for the town’s paper, Citysville Planet–always besides Marvelous Woman, trying to get your next story.

Well, well, well–look who I’ve captured now! Marvelous Woman and her little reporter sidekick.

Let me tell you how I finally caught her. I used my hypnotic powers, tied her up with my magic rope–around her big breasts. And look at you–all tied up! I made her my helpless prisoner. And she gets to watch as I torture you.

Is that a hard on? Wait. Are you jealous? You’re jealous, aren’t you? Look into my eyes. You’re jealous, aren’t you? Admit it. Marvelous Woman gets all bound and tied up, and always gets sexually molested by all these hot supervillains, and you never get anything. You want to get bound, tied up, and gagged… don’t you?

Since she gets so much sexual attention, I think it’s time that you get yours. I mean–you only deserve it, right? You DESERVE to cum. Why don’t you be my little sidekick slut, my jerk off whore.

The more you stroke, the more you become under my spell. If you cum, it will seal the deal, and you will be my sex slave forever. BUT! That’s only if you cum.

Look at my body, and feel free to stroke. You don’t have to cum. You should jerk off. Spit in your hand, and rub it down the shaft. You deserve to cum, don’t you? It kind of sounds hot to hear Marvelous Woman screaming, doesn’t it?

Go up and down that shaft. Does that feel good–does it? Come on, look into my eyes. You know you want to cum. All the way up, and all the way down. Go harder… faster, and look at my body. Don’t you want to fuck me? Don’t you want me to sexually molest you?

Doesn’t my body turn you on? Come on, look into my eyes, and cum for me. Cum for me. Cum for me. Harder. Faster. Make sure your hand it wrapped around it tight.

Good boy! But, I know I mentioned this earlier… And I MAY have used my hypnotic powers to convince you to cum, but now this kind of seals the deal… You will be my sex slave forever. And there’s nothing Marvelous Woman can do for you now. Get ready to be my sex slave!

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Supervillian Kidnaps You And Marvelous Woman JOI