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Worship My Ass And Breathe Deep




Why don’t you come over here. and get a good look at my crotch? Don’t get too close–I don’t want you to touch it, and I definitely don’t want you to smell it. Look at my crotch. But you don’t get the privilege of looking at it, or smelling my sweet pussy aroma, but instead, you get my ass. My nice, stinky, smelly ass.

Get your hard cock out. I know it’s already hard just thinking about how sweaty and smelly my ass is. You know, I’ve been running around doing tons of errands, exercising, and running around in this heat. It’s completely soaked in sweat. It’s a privilege to even look at it–especially somebody like you.

I show off my thong off to you–posing, as I pull my thong up my ass to absorb all of its sweaty aroma. I know you want to lick it clean, don’t you? I’m sure you want to smell it, and put it over your face. It would be such a privilege, wouldn’t it? Look at how nice my ass looks in this thong. Come on, jerk that cock for me–up and down, up and down.

I take off my thong, and put it into your face. I want you to smell and sniff JUST the ass part–nothing else. Here you go—smell the outside first, since all of that sweat has been going through it all day. Breathe in, and breathe out. Don’t you dare cum! I’m going to let you smell the part that was actually on my crack–get a get good smell of that sweet ass aroma. Come on, now lick it clean. Keep stroking that cock for me. I need you to clean this for you–take your tongue in full strides, and lick it up and down. Now, I need you to suck it clean–all the ass juices, all the sweat, ALL of it.

Now I’ll give you a countdown, as you’re licking it clean, and soaking it up with your mouth. Mmm… it tastes good, doesn’t it? Very good.


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Worship My Ass And Breathe Deep