Submissive Slut Instructed To Gag Herself




“Wow, where the fuck do you think you’re going dressed like that? You going to the fucking corner to work? How about you show some more skin? I don’t even think that’s possible. Here–let’s just complete the whole outfit!”

A girl listens to her’s boyfriend verbal degradation of how she is dressed. He lifts up her top to “complete the whole outfit,” revealing her chest. Since she is dressed slutty, he continues to degrade her–insisting that she MUST like sucking cock since she is dressed in that way.

She nods her head to agree, and he pushes her down, by her hair, to her knees. “How about you get on your fucking knees and show me? Yeah… you have to beg for my cock.”

She begins to beg and plead for his cock. “Please let me suck your cock. I’ll make you feel really good. I’ll drool all over it…” She begs and begs–telling him all of the things she will do to his cock.

He tells her he’s not convinced, and she continues to beg for his cock. “First I need you to suck on that. Prove to me that you earned it.” She obeys his order, and sucks on the dildo–going up and down, with her mouth wrapped around it tightly.

“Have you ever even sucked a cock before? How deep can you take that?” She begins to deep-throat herself to please him, but soon coughs, and drools all over herself. “Aw, is that too much to handle?” She apologizes, and continues to deep-throat under his command. She continues to cough and gag, and he criticizes her for choking on such a small dildo. He demands more practice, and she drools all the way down her chest–panting and breathing heavy from the throat-fuck.

She continues to deep-throat and drool, but gets criticized since there isn’t enough drool. He makes her beg for his forgiveness–she asks for just one more shot to do it better. Her mascara is now running, and she pants from exhaustion–drooling even more now. He sticks his finger into her mouth, and she sucks on it for a minute to please him.

“Do you think you’re ready for it?” She nods her head yes, as she begins to beg for it once more.

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Submissive Slut Instructed To Gag Herself