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Flexing My Sexy Biceps




I love to show you my sexy, sexy biceps. Would you like me to flex them for you? Look at how well defined they are. Look at how firm they are. Don’t you want to come over here, and touch it?

I flex my right arm first, then my left, and both arms at once–showing you my sexy biceps. They’re real nice and hard. Doesn’t that look amazing? Come over here, and run your tongue across it.

I alternate with both arms showing the four different angles in which I can flex them for you. I even turn to the side to show you how good they look. Come squeeze them. Look at them!

Maybe if I oiled them up, and made them a bit shiner? I’m going to shine them up real nice for you, so you can see how good they look. I oil my right bicep first, and flex it in the four different angles for you. Then I oil my left bicep–showing off my nice, hard bicep in the same way. I really wish you could oil it up for me. Do you like a girl that’s real fit? Look at that muscle.

I flex with both of my oiled biceps–showing off all four angles again. Come over here, and touch my biceps.

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Flexing My Sexy Biceps