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Bubblegum Blowing Makeout


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Huge wads of bubblegum fill the mouths of a hot couple. They chew it, and blow bubbles at the same time. She blows a bubble, and he sucks on it–popping it back into her mouth. As they blow bubbles at the same time, the bubbles stick together, and they pull apart to separate their gum.

She takes off her shirt, and sticks her mouth to his bubble. As they continue to pop bubbles on top of other bubbles, their gum sticks together. They make-out with the wads of gum and bubbles in both of their mouths. She blows huge bubbles that pop on her face, and he sticks bubbles into her mouth. Their gum combines so much that she can’t even pull it apart!

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Bubblegum Blowing Makeout