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Gummi Bear Massacre




I have such sharp and pointy teeth. Just look at these teeth! Look at how uneven they are in the front, and how jagged they look.

I show you my top and bottom teeth from all angles, and then show you all of my sharp, uneven teeth in the back. They aren’t perfectly square, but instead, come to a point at the ends. They are razor sharp, and just look at these pointy canines! I touch my teeth with my fingers.

I take a red gummy bear. “Mr. Gummy, do you want to feel how sharp my teeth are?” I press the gummy bear against my razors, and bite down onto it! I grind my teeth against his body with my front teeth, and chew him along the sides of my back teeth. I tear him to shreds!

“I told you they were sharp! You should have been careful…”

I take a yellow gummy bear, and trick him into touching my teeth. “Do you want to feel all the jagged edges of my teeth, Mr. Gummy?… Maybe you want to see my back teeth?” I bite on his whole body with my back teeth–chewing him to little pieces.

“Come here, just a quick feel.” I take a green gummy, and proceed to trick him into the same trap. I grind him with my front teeth–moving his body side to side, as he shreds. I push him to my back teeth and chew him slowly. Mmm….

I scrape a yellow gummy across my jagged teeth, and bite hard into it. I grind it against my front teeth, as its whole body falls apart, and ends up all over my mouth. I continue to break it into smaller and smaller pieces. I am completely ruthless! I finish him off with my back teeth.

I bite the head off of a red gummy, chewing it to pieces. Then I take its body, and grind it with my front teeth, before I grind it with my back teeth. His body gets smashed as I shift my teeth back and forth! Mmm… All gone!

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Gummi Bear Massacre