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Captive Completely Degraded, Spit On, And Extreme Facefuck




I’ve been captured, and this is video being sent to my mom and dad, in hopes that they meet the captor’s demands. He has blindfolded, gagged, and handcuffed me.

My captor forces me to read off a letter to my family, as he takes off my blindfold and gag.

“Dear Mom and Dad, I have been captured, but as you will see, I LOVE this treatment. In fact, I want the abuse. I am nothing, but a SLUT.”

I get “Slut” written across my forehead, and soon my hands are freed, temporarily, to show my family what a slut I am.

I jam my fingers down my throat, finger-fucking my mouth–coughing, gagging, and taking all of the drool and gathering it in my hands to pile it on my face. I really LOVE to be degraded and humiliated, even though I know it will break the hearts of my mom and dad.

My spit just isn’t enough for me, so the captor then spits on my face several times, as I tell the tell camera how much I CRAVE the degradation.

I tell them that I just need to be face-fucked by his cock. I am such a dirty, dirty cunt.

He face-fucks me so hard that drools begins running down my mouth. He smacks me in the face, as I beg for more and more. I need this humiliation! He writes “Cunt” across my right check.

Pulling my hair, and smacking me several times more, he cuffs my hands again, and makes me gag even harder. Drool runs down my chin, completely drenching the mouth gag around my neck. He smacks me hard on the face, with his hands and his dick.

I love to be degraded and humiliated, smacked across the face. I’m sure a dirty whore–a dirty cunt. I love to be smacked.

My make-up runs down my eyes, and I can barely see, but I beg for more, as I get mouth fucked harder and harder. I want you to cum all over my face like that dirty whore that I am. I want to be abused. I deserve this treatment.

The captor cums on my face, and I look in the camera, telling my mom and dad, “Mom and Dad, I know that it’s heartbreaking to watch me take this type of abuse, this kind of treatment, but I love it so much. If you don’t do what he says, if you don’t meet his demands, the next video is going to be A LOT worse. I’m sorry I’m such a cunt.”

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Captive Completely Degraded, Spit On, And Extreme Facefuck