Nurse Gets Knocked Out And Forced To Become Foot Fuck Slave




A sexy nurse has decided to take over treatment on a special patient–a convicted criminal whom has been convicted for sexually assaulting women in order to get to their feet. Being the only reason she has decided to take over his well-being, she loves being a foot tease, and decides to tease him with her feet.

Because of his background, he has been tied to the bed to prevent any further assaults. Using this to her advantage, the sexy nurse decided to torture her patient by making him lust after her feet–stroking his cock with them, and pushing them into his face, while denying him the chance to cum.

She walks into the room, for his second treatment, only to notice the rope in which he has been tied with, all over the ground. She looks underneath, as well as around the bed, before she is knocked out by the patient who has been hiding behind the door. The nurse wakes up in a state of confusion, as she looks around, and sees that she has been bound to the bed! Her wrists are tied to the bed posts, and her feet are locked together with a rope. She struggles to free herself, but is desperately bound without any hope of escaping.

The nurse asks to be untied and freed, but is denied without any words at all, as the patient takes her heels off. She rubs her nylon feet together–wiggling her toes inside of her stockings. The patient rips her red stockings off–pulling them through the rope, and exposing her bare feet. She wiggles and moves her feet, begging to be freed, but he starts to touch her feet instead. He pours medical lubricant across her feet, and begins to rub it in her soles and toes, as she struggles to escape.

The nurse begins to get turned on by the action, being the foot tease that she is, and rubs her lubed feet together. She moans, and rubs her soles together–making all of her feet wet. The patient gets his hard cock ready, and she begs for him to stop what he is doing, and to get the lube off of her feet. Afraid of what he may do, she begins to stroke his cock with her lubed feet. She goes up and down the shaft, twisting and turning to pleasure him. She rests his cock on one of her feet, as the other foot goes up and down it. She eventually alternates her feet into different positions–using one foot, then both, her soles, as she continues to change speeds.

After a while of stroking his feet, he pulls his cock back, readjusts her feet, and jerks off until he cums all over them. Turned on by the cruel act, she rubs her cum soaked feet together–spreading the cum all over. “Come on, are you going to untie me now!?” She wiggles around on the bed, as she begs to be released, and the patient walks away.

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Nurse Gets Knocked Out And Forced To Become Foot Fuck Slave