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Yellow Raincoat Slut Gets Dominated And Forced To Give Blowjob And Get Fucked Doggystyle




A girl is cleaning the bathroom–wearing only a thong, a yellow raincoat, white gloves, and high heels. She is soon interrupted by her boyfriend who is wearing yellow rain pants, and white gloves.

“Hey babe–you look so hot in that raincoat… so give me a blowjob.”

Pissed off by his demand, she responds, “Not now, babe. I’m trying to clean. Can’t you see that, stupid?”

Horny and angry, he grabs the back of her head, by her ponytail, and drags her to her knees. He demands that she opens her mouth to suck him off.

“Fuck you.”

He forces her mouth open with his cock, and face-fucks her. She coughs and gasps for air, as drool runs down her chin and chest. “I fucking hate you.” He continues to hold her by hair ponytail, as he shoves her mouth back and forth over his hard cock. When she jerks back to avoid sucking his cock, he pushes her head back onto it. He even pries her mouth open his gloved hand, and she continues to pant after being face-fucked.

He stops only to open up a condom–telling her to put it on him, and to turn around. “Fuck you.” He forces her hand to roll down the condom over his dick, and she angrily tells him to “keep that fucking cock away from me.” Pissed off, he picks her up by her hair, and bends her over the toilet. He pulls down her thong, and puts his dick into her pussy. He fucks her doggystyle, as she tells him how much she fucking hates him. She moans from his cock going in and out of her tight pussy. “Keep your fucking dick away from me!”

After a while of fucking her doggystyle, he grabs her by her ponytail, and jerks her back onto her knees. He takes her head, and forces it back over his cock. She drools, as she goes back and forth with her mouth. She stops to cough and gag, and spit continues to run down her jacket and chest. He forces her to continue to suck her until he finally cums into the condom. She pulls the condom off of his dick with her white gloves, and pulls the cum down to the bottom of the condom. She looks at it with disgust and anger.

“Now fuck off, so I can clean, you fucking asshole! Fuck off!”

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Yellow Raincoat Slut Gets Dominated And Forced To Give Blowjob And Get Fucked Doggystyle