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Wet And Messy Blowjob With Clown Nose And Shaving Cream Pie Finale




She strips down slowly, teasing you with her body–taking her black leggings, tanktop, and lingerie off, until she is completely nude. She gets down on her knees, and her boyfriend walks over with a clown nose on his cock. He rests his balls on top of her eyes, and gives her Arabian goggles, as she tilts her head back. Giggling for a second, she takes the clown nose off of his cock, and puts it onto her nose.

She gives him a long, sensual blowjob, as he starts lathering shaving cream into her hair. He covers her hair with two big cans of shaving cream, and rubs it in, as she continues to go up and down on his cock–drool running down her chin. He styles her hair–first putting into a mohawk, and then trying to spike it, and eventually settling into making it a bun. She sucks on his cock hard, and he continues to pile shaving cream all over her head. It runs down her shoulders, and onto her back. She breathes heavy from exhaustion, but keeps sucking him until there is a pool of drool running down her face, and onto her chest.

Right before he cums. he pulls out, and gives her a huge facial. She licks his cock clean, and says, “Can I have some more of your cream, please?” He picks up a shaving cream pie, and plants it right on her face–twisting the pie on it. She wipes her eyes clean, smiles, and puts her clown nose back on. She walks over to the bed, picks up two more shaving cream pies, and pies each of her breasts. She bounces to shake them off. She then picks up a blue balloon full of shaving foam, and bounces on it to make it pop. When it doesn’t pop, she takes a needle, and shaving cream fills her pussy. She rubs the shaving cream around her body, and then turns around. He picks up two more pies–slamming one onto each of her ass cheeks. She twerks to get the tin off, and spreads her cheeks. He pies right in her ass crack, and she bounces her ass to get it off–showing her ass off. She giggles, and turns back around only to get pied in the face again! Her clown nose falls off, and she smiles and giggles. She gives a kiss, and waves. “Bye, bye!”

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Wet And Messy Blowjob With Clown Nose And Shaving Cream Pie Finale