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Slutty Nurse Gives Patient Oral Exam




A sexy nurse arrives to give her patient his daily examination. In order to keep herself protected from any germs, and/or diseases from the patient, she wears a yellow PVC jacket, as well as PVC pants. She takes her latex gloves from her jacket, and puts them onto her hands. Feeling a little bit different today, she decides to take off her jacket, as she examines her patient.

She pulls up his clear, plastic gown, and rubs his balls–squeezing them and moving them gently. She runs her hands down his thighs, as she continues to examine his balls. The nurse strokes his cock, and comments that everything looks nice and good. She asks her patient to turn his head, so that she can check one last thing. He turns his head back, as he realizes that her mouth is on his cock. “Oh, I forgot.. I’m a little horny today, so this is going to be your mouth examination… So shut the hell up, and take it.”

She puts her gloved hand on his cock, and proceeds to go up and down his cock with her wet mouth–giving him a very sensual blowjob at first. The nurse then begins to go harder and faster on his cock with her mouth, as she uses her hand to stroke him as well. She alternates between a handjob and blowjob–telling him the only way to pass the mouth examination is to cum in her mouth. She gags and coughs from deep-throating, and drool runs down his hard cock.

Finally, after she extensively gives him a hard and fast handjob, followed by a blowjob, he cums into her mouth. She shows the patient his cum, and then swallows it. “Mmm.. Very good.” The nurse takes off her latex gloves, adjusts her pants, and puts her protective jacket back on. “I’ll check on you tomorrow to see how you are doing.”

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Slutty Nurse Gives Patient Oral Exam