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Schoolgirl Caught Smoking In The Bathroom: Daddy Blackmails Her With Blowjob To Keep It A Secret From Mom




I sneak home from school, wearing my school uniform, and look around before quietly going into the bathroom. I close the door after I find out that the house is clear, and I am the only one in it.

I pull a pack of my daddy’s cigarettes out of my bag, light up, and inhale sensually. I love smoking cigarettes. I put the toilet seat down, and continue to take long drags, and blowing smoke in every direction. It makes me so relaxed.

I don’t want Daddy to find out I am smoking, or to smell the smoke, so I stand on top of the toilet seat–blowing the smoke out of the ceiling vents.

That first cigarette tasted so good, so I light up another. I inhale deeply, and don’t realize that my daddy has actually come back from work early to catch me.

“I knew it. I knew it smoked like smoke in here.”

I get down from the toilet seat, but out the cigarette, and try to hide the pack. He takes the pack from my vest.

“Please don’t tell Mommy! I will do anything. I can’t be grounded. I have yearbook this week, and I will lose all my friends.”

I get on my knees, begging my daddy to not tell my mommy.

“If you really don’t want me to tell your mommy, then I’m going to need you to give me a handjob.”

What?! Daddy, please…

“If you do this for me, then I can keep this a secret.”

I agree to give him a handjob, in hopes that he doesn’t tell Mommy, and start to unbutton his pants.

He continues to preach to me about how cigarettes aren’t good for me.

“Is this what you want, Daddy? Does this feel good? Daddy, you hav a really big cock–it’s REALLY hard!”

I stroke Daddy’s hard cock, fast and hard–switching back and forth between hands. I spit in my hand to make it more pleasurable it for him. I have to make him cum.

When he tells me that Mommy isn’t going to come home soon, I panic, and tell him to sit down, so that I can make the handjob better for him. He sits down on the toilet, and I continue to stroke his cock until he is ready to cum.

Right before he cums, he stands up, and finishes himself off. He tells me to stay there, on my knees, and to open my mouth.

“Am… Am I supposed to swallow it? EW!”

He cums right into my mouth, and I swallow all of him cum.

“So, you’re not going to tell Mommy?”

He tells me to go get changed, and that he better not find me smoking again.

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Schoolgirl Caught Smoking In The Bathroom: Daddy Blackmails Her With Blowjob To Keep It A Secret From Mom

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