So, You’re A Faggot?




So, instead of fucking a nice hot girl, and her nice tight pussy, you’d rather get on your bitch, faggot knees, and you’d rather take a nice, hard penis inside that throat, wouldn’t you? I’m sure you just love to suck on their nice, hard dicks… Yeah, I’m sure it feels really good–all those veins bulging in your mouth, as drool runs down their penis, down your chin, and onto your chest.

So, you’d rather take those pretty little hands, and pump their penises? You probably like to fucking swallow–don’t you, you fucking faggot? I’m sure you love it when you’re getting throat-fucked so hard that you coughing and gagging.

I’m sure you just plant your face right into the ground, spread those nice, pretty ass checks for them… and I’m sure your asshole is pretty big, since you get fucked by a lot of dark meat. I’m sure you LOVE that hard, dark meat in your throat. The bigger, the better, right? I’m sure you like getting fucked raw.

You probably cum just thinking about how it goes inside your asshole. Just their nice, hard, dark meat inside of your fucking asshole–it makes you scream and moan, doesn’t it? I’m sure you get off thinking about penises all fucking day, don’t you? You’re such a fucking faggot fairy.

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So, You’re A Faggot?