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Woken Up And Forced To Give Blowjob




A girl is sleeping in bed with nothing on, but her yellow overall rain pants. She rests pleasantly, as her boyfriend watches her sleeping. He walks to the bedside, picks her up by her pigtails, and jams his hard cock into her mouth.

“Fuck you, you fucking pig.” She gags and coughs from the condom on his cock. She pulls away, and cusses him out, until she is pulled back roughly by her hair. Drool begins to run down her mouth, onto the bed, and all down his condom. She attempts to break away from his cock again, but he shoves her back on with his gloved hand–thrusting his cock harder into her mouth, and holding on her pigtail. She looks at him with disgust, and he continues to stuff her mouth with his cock.

“You’re a fucking pig–a fucking asshole.” Her mascara runs, and he slaps his dick on her face, before forcing her mouth back onto his cock. She fights him, trying to once again pull away, and her hair gets messed up, as he continues to pull her back. She pants and breathes heavy from exhaustion, but continues to curse at him. She pulls back to cough and gag, but once again, is throat-fucked. He pries her mouth open with his hand, telling her to shut up, and she chokes on his cock. Her pigtails are messed up, her make-up is running, and drool covers her chin.

She jerks away, but instead of pulling her back, he gets on top of her–fucking her mouth with his cock. He holds her down by her hair, and drool is now all over her face and chest. She pants from exhaustion, still cursing. “Get the fuck off of me!”

He gets off of her, and pulls her back to her side by her hair–throat-fucking her until he cums. She looks at the condom full of cum, still panting, and tells him to fuck off.

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Woken Up And Forced To Give Blowjob