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Lap Dance Handjob


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I walk into the room to tease my boyfriend with my sexy lingerie, and high heel shoes. I sit on his lap, and begin to thrust my hips back and forth–grinding his dick to make it hard. I turn around, unbuttoning my small vest, and continue to grind his cock–teasing him with body. I take off my thong, and grind on his him again with my bare pussy. I rub the top of my head against his dick, and begin to take his clothes off. I pull off his shirt, and pull down his pants and boxers to his ankles. I get on top of him, once again, teasing him by grinding against his cock. I love how it feels against my naked body.

I turn around, my ass against his chest, and rub it against his cock. “Do you want me to stroke it, Greg?” I put my legs over his, my ass still against his chest, and stroke his cock in front of my body. “I know that feels good, doesn’t it, Greg? Do you want to cum for me? I know you like it when I stroke your nice hard cock… You’re so hard. Do you want me to go harder and faster for you? You know I love stroking your cock.”

I continue to praise his hard cock, as I wrap my hand tightly around it–stroking it harder and faster. “Your cock feels so good inside my hand. I love how hot your cum feels. It turns me on so much…” I switch back and forth between my hands, pleasuring him, as I tell him how much I love his cum, and his hard cock. “Come on, cum for me, Greg!”

I get excited as his cums gets all over the place–on my hand, the floor, and even on himself!

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Lap Dance Handjob