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Hey Loser, Buy Me Designer Jeans




Do you like these nice designer jeans? Look at how good they look on me. Girls like me ONLY wear expensive jeans–not those cheap, shitty jeans. Look at how they just hug my legs so perfectly, and how good they look with these high heel shoes. Guys like you should be buying me these jeans. It should be a privilege for a guy like you to even look at me in these jeans. You’ll never be able to fuck a girl like me. I wouldn’t want to get my nice jeans dirty with a loser like you. I bet you’d like it, if I got on my knees, and pulled down your pants and boxers, and sucked your dick real good–flicking my tongue on the tip of your dick. I’m sure you’re rock hard just looking at my ass in these jeans. I bet you just fantasize about me going up and down the shaft of your cock. You wish you could get a girl as hot as me. God, these jeans look amazing on me. I bet you just perv over girls like me.

I show off every inch of my jeans to you–teasing you about how you will never get a girl like me. I rub the crotch of them, while I talk about how you sit at home, stroking your cock to every hot girl that walks around in designer jeans. You know you’re pathetic, and that you’ll never actually be able to touch me, so you might as well look when you have the chance–maybe as I pass you down the street in my sexy, tight designer jeans.

I show off my jeans to you, and then change to another pair of designer jeans, TRUE RELIGION, to continue to tease you. I know you want to just pull my jeans down to my ankles, and put the tip of your dick in really slowly. Maybe even fucking me from behind? A classy, expensive girl like me…

Look, you’re never going to get a girl like me…ever. I bet you’d just love to see me topless–with only jeans on. So, I’ll give you something to look at. Take the pleasure of looking at me, for only a couple of seconds, and I’m going to allow you to cum for me. And, FOR THAT, I obviously deserve some new designer jeans. I want the most expensive, name-brand jeans.

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Hey Loser, Buy Me Designer Jeans