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Bubblegum Chewing Brat Blows Bubbles Onto His Cock While Giving Handjob




A stuck-up brat with an attitude problem is obnoxiously chewing gum, and blowing small bubbles.

She is soon interrupted by her boyfriend who says, “Oh my God, what the hell are you doing?”

She responds with an attitude. “Umm, what does it look like? I’m trying to practice blowing bubbles. You can SEE I’m not very good at it.”

“Do you think you can make any more noise?”

She responds by chewing even louder, and more obnoxiously. Completely fed up with her stuck-up attitude, he suggests she does something more useful, and give him a handjob.

“Um, okay, under one condition–I get to keep chewing my gum, and practicing making bubbles.”

He agrees, and she gets on the bed–taking off his boxers. She continues to chew loud, and blowing bubbles. She strokes his cock up and down, blowing small bubbles.

As she is blowing bubbles, the gum starts to stick on her lips as she pops it. She has fun by blowing bubbles on the head of his dick, and popping them. She continues to stroke harder and faster–with gum stuck on the top of her lips.

She stops stroking, every so often, to blow bubbles right over his cock, and gum begins to stick to him. She switches back and forth between hands, as her bubbles start to get bigger and bigger. Sometimes, the gum even sticks to his dick, and she has to pull back with her mouth.

“Does that feel good?… Look I’m getting better!… I know it turns you on watching me blow these bubbles!”

The bigger her bubbles become, the more and more the gum starts to starts on her top and bottom lip, and nose. She strokes him vigorously. “Come on! Cum for me.”

She continues to blow big bubbles–sucking them back in. He cums, and she blows one final bubble near the top of dick. Her face is completely covered in bubblegum.

“I knew you liked my bubbles! See how good I am now? Thanks for the practice.”

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Bubblegum Chewing Brat Blows Bubbles Onto His Cock While Giving Handjob