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Sexy Slave Gets SOAKED While Being Dunked Into Toilet And Bathtub While Throatfucked




A girl is the bathroom when her boyfriend barges in, and begins to dominate her. He pulls her down by her hair, and removes her top–forcing his cock into her mouth. She gags and chokes on his cock, but he continues to hold her by the back of her head, and thrusting her forward. Drool runs down her mouth, and he puts both hands on the sides of her head–pushing deeper into her throat. He turns her around, forcing her head into the toilet, and flushes the toilet.

He pulls her soaked head back up, and forces her back onto his cock. After a minute, he stands her up, pulls down her thong, and sticks her head back into the toilet. He sticks his hard cock into her doggystyle, and flushes her head into the toilet again. He immediately pulls her head back out, and moves her into the bathtub, where he dunks her head into the full tub.

He continues to alternate between the bathtub and toilet–drenching her head and hair. He pushes her back down to throat-fuck her with his cock, before pulling her back over to the bathtub to fuck her doggystyle again. He pushes her head back down into the bathtub, and continues to fuck her from behind. She moans and pants from exhaustion, as he pulls her hair back and forth from toilet to bathtub, and back onto her knees. She gasps for air between every dunking and throat-fuck.

He finally gets her head back over the toilet, flushing it again, and pushes her to her knees. Her head remains over the toilet, as he cums all over her back and drenched hair. He pushes her head back into the toilet and flushes it, one last time, before pulling her head back up by her hair.

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Sexy Slave Gets SOAKED While Being Dunked Into Toilet And Bathtub While Throatfucked