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Stuck To A Barbell




I’m cleaning around the house, rearranging items on the furniture, when I find a pair of handcuffs, and a set of keys. Oh, I’m definitely going to have some fun with these! I grab them, and walk over to the barbell that has several weights on it. I handcuff my right ankle, and decide to handcuff myself to the barbell.

I have fun just moving back and forth, but quickly decide it’s time to open the handcuffs back open. I grab the keys, but find out that they won’t unlock the handcuffs. Are you kidding me?

I am stuck! I tree to free myself by moving away from the barbell, using my knees, and then standing up. The more I move, the more my pants start to pull down, revealing my thong. I continue to struggle to get free, but find myself completely desperate Since the weights are attached to the barbell, I can’t move it along with me. I move in all different directions, but just can’t free myself.

As I try to change directions, the cuff gets tighter onto my ankle, making it harder to move. I lay on my side, then try to stand up, but can barely stand for very long. I get back on the ground, trying to crawl away, but after a while, I get exhausted. I can’t free myself, and after all that effort, I give up–lying face down on the floor.

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Stuck To A Barbell