Mom Catches Son Watching Porn And Lets Him Fuck Her




Steven is watching porn and jerking off, when he hears “AHEM!” behind him. He quickly turns to see Mommy, with her arms crossed, watching him.

“What do you think you’re doing, young man!? I am just kidding, Steven–I don’t mind. It’s only natural for boys your age to do this sort of thing. You know, I’ve been standing here for 5 minutes… Your door was completely open. Did you want me to watch you wanking off?”

His mommy smiles, as she stands before him in her work-out clothes. She tells him that she doesn’t mind–he’s been working really work, and needs a break. Mommy is sad that she never sees her son anymore.

“You know you don’t have to hide it when you masturbate–you can whip it out right in front of Mommy. I don’t mind it. In fact, I like watching you do it.

She tells her son that, since she is there, she will make sure that he gets proper break. Mommy encourages her son to keep wanking for her–that it’s perfectly natural for him to masturbate.

“My son has such a HUGE, lovely erection.”

She tells him that it’s a great way to unwind, but that he needs a whole body exercise–not just his wrist.

“I’ve been working for the last hour, and I feel great! You need a whole body work-out, Steven. You really do. I think that Mommy should give you a whole body work-out. And you can release all your sexual tension and frustration, and build some muscle at the same time. Let Mommy take care of that.”

Mommy gets on her knees, and begins stroking her son’s cock until he is nice and hard from her touch. She tells him his whole body work-out is going to feel so amazing…”especially when you cum for Mommy.”

“You want to cum for Mommy, don’t you? Come on, you know you want to cum for Mommy. I know that feels good, honey.”

She stands up, and shows off her nice, firm body to her son. She pulls down her shorts, backs up, and puts her son’s nice hard cock inside of her. Mommy is getting her son ready for a nice, full body work-out. She bounces up and down his cock–her ass facing him.

“That feels so good inside of Mommy.”

She moans and pants as she bounces up and down. Finally, she gets off of him, turns around, and tells him that it’s his turn to practice having sex.

“Mommy is going to get on her hands and knees, and going to give you her vagina to play with. If you want to watch that porno film, then you can do that…whatever gets you hard. In fact, maybe you can think about that girl, Ski, that you like so much. Just pretend that I’m her, and give her a really good, hard shagging. I want you to really fuck me hard…so hard that you’re sweating.”

Mommy takes her shorts off completely, gets on her hands and knees, as she positions her right beside his porno.

Her son fucks her doggystyle–putting his hand on her side.

“Oh yeah, fuck Mommy nice and hard. You know you want to cum for Mommy. Do you like Mommy’s nice, hard, firm body?… Wow! Come on, give Mommy a nice work-out. Mommy feels really nice, Steven. I’m so impressed. Do you like Mommy’s vagina lips wrapped around that nice, hard cock? I don’t even care where you cum, Steven.” She encourages her son to fuck her hard, and to cum hard for her.

“Yeah, fuck Mommy! You’re such a good boy!… I have such a good son!… Come on, work that body! Really fuck Mommy!”

Her son continues to fuck her hard and fast–watching his porn the whole time. He pulls his cock out, and cums all over her ass, back, and onto the laptop keys.

“Mommy is so impressed with her big boy! Oh, honey–what a nice load all over me. You know, honey, if you ever need practice, or any exercise… you know Mommy’s vagina is always free to use. You don’t have to use your wrist all the time…”

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Mom Catches Son Watching Porn And Lets Him Fuck Her

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