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I Am Your Tickle Slave




I’ve been waiting for my Master all day. I am on my knees, blindfolded, and dressed as his little schoolgirl. My hands are behind my head, and my fingers are interlaced. I have been such a bad girl, and I deserve to be disciplined. I am the most ticklish girl in the world, and I love the idea of being tickled to no end–it completely turns me on. My Master knows I will beg for it, as I have my hands locked–please take Your fingertip, and run it down my deep, hollow armpit. I have the softest armpits in the world, and I know He wants to touch them.

But this isn’t what He really wants. Tickle Master Jeff wants my feet–they are the most ticklish spot on my body, and they are all for Him. I beg Him to tickle them–to hold my toes, as He takes his fingertip and runs it down my soles, around my heels, and on the center of the arch. It drives me mad, but I love it when He draws figure 8’s on my pink, deep arch. Why is He making me beg!? You know what, I bet He can’t even make me laugh anyways. I’m not even feeling very ticklish today, anyways. I’m sure Master couldn’t break me anyways–go ahead, and do Your worst. I won’t even make a peep!

Master has just finished tickling me for what seems an eternity. My hands are tied to the bedpost, and I am talking through the gag in my mouth. Please, PLEASE stop tickling me, Master Jeff! My body and hair are covered in sweat, and my mascara is smeared. Your ticklish little girl is sorry for teasing You. I’m only ticklish for Him. I’ll do anything, ANYTHING, to make You stop. I am almost crying, but secretly turned on just as much. Please, Master, please take YOUR feet–put your hot load of cum all over them, and fill my pink, deep arches with it. Whenever He wants to tickle me, I will let Him tickle me. I am forever His tickle slut.

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I Am Your Tickle Slave