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Disciplined For Overspending On Shoes


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Your girlfriend walks in, and begins apologizing about how she spent all that money on the credit card. Since she is so sorry, she decides to dress up sexy for you, in hopes that you will forgive her. She shows off her new heels, and tells you to sit back and enjoy, as she begins to strip. Your girlfriend slowly takes her clothes off, very sensually, asking if you forgive her. She knows that you don’t yet, so she keeps taking off each item of her clothing until she is naked. “Don’t you like my body? Do you forgive me yet? Is this good enough?”

She waits for your response, but you don’t say anything–you just gesture her to come over. Since she knows that you are upset, and that she can’t easily make it up to you, she begins to pout since she knows that she is about to get spanked. She walks toward you, and you push her over your knees. “I don’t deserve a spanking, do I?” You smack her ass repeatedly, as she pouts, and begs you not to spank her. She whines in pain, and her ass begins to turn red from the hard smacks. You smack her hard until both of her cheeks are red, and she flinches from the pain. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Do you forgive me yet?” She gets up, and apologizes, telling you that she won’t be a bad girl again.

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Disciplined For Overspending On Shoes