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New Lovers Makeout And Handjob




Two new lovers are still experimenting with their sexual urges, as they start to passionately make-out, and grope at one another’s body. The girl and guy remove each other’s clothing, and the girl puts her hand over his hard cock, stroking it for him. He rubs her pussy, and then sticks his fingers inside of her. She stops him, telling him to let her suck him for a little while. He lays back, and she puts her mouth over his hard cock, going up and down the shaft, as drool begins to cover it.

As soon as his cock is covered in her spit, she sits up, and begins to roll his cock between her hands. “Does that feel good, Greg?” She takes her hands and moves them gently to the head of his cock, and starts from the bottom again. The girl strokes him softly and gently, alternating between rolling his cock between her hands, and rubbing her hands up the shaft. She lays his hard cock onto his stomach, takes the heel of her palm, and begins to rub it from the bottom to the top, as she touches his balls with her other hand. As she is gently stroking, and moving her hands in various ways, she spits every so often to keep his cock nice and lubricated. The girl twists his cock starting at the base, and works her way to the top. “Oh, Greg, I wanna see your huge load.”

She begins to speed up her stroking, telling him that she wants to see his cum. She alternates between hands until he finally cums, and strokes until every last drop of cum is out. She gets excited, and praises his huge load, as it covers her fingers and his stomach.

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New Lovers Makeout And Handjob