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Son Mistakes Lube For Massage Oil And Titfucks Mommy




Mommy’s back hurts from a long, hard day at work. She tries to twist and turn to make it feel better, but just can’t relax. She calls for her son, who she knows will do ANYTHING for her. “Mommy’s back hurts really bad, and you’re such a good boy–you ALWAYS help Mommy out. You do whatever Mommy needs, right?” She takes off her scarf, pulls off her dress, and lays down on her stomach. Her son begins to massage her back, but she stops him, so that she can unhook her bra. “Why don’t you be a good boy, and grab the baby oil, and put it all over Mommy’s back?”

She lays back down on her stomach, and her son accidentally grabs the lube instead of the baby oil. He rubs it into her back, and she begins to relax, as she tells him to rub his fingers deeper into her back. “You know, Mommy’s chest hurts really bad–she’s been wearing her bra all day, and it’s been really tight.” She tells her son to let her flip over, and he begins to rub her chest with the lube. She moans from pleasure, and praises him for doing whatever Mommy asks.

“Oh, honey–what is that sensation? Is that… Is that baby oil that you used? Let me see the bottle. Honey, that’s lube that you’re using… Did you mean to use this? You meant to grab this, didn’t you? You don’t even have to say anything. You’ve wanted Mommy, haven’t you?” She continues to claim that he used the lube on purpose, and notices that he has an erection. “Ohhh, you totally set this up, didn’t you? You wanted Mommy for a while… Here, let Mommy take care of that big erection of yours, okay? Since my chest is so lubed up, why don’t you put your cock in between my chest. Why don’t you tit-fuck Mommy.”

She allows him to pour lube all over his cock and her chest, and encourages him to tit-fuck her until he cums. “Thank you so much–you made Mommy’s body feel really good and relaxed.”

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Son Mistakes Lube For Massage Oil And Titfucks Mommy

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