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Help Me Get Back At Daddy By Impregnating Me




Your best friend’s daughter is waiting for you on the bed, and gets excited when you finally come up to your room. “Oh, so you finally decided to come to bed, huh? I’ve been waiting for you all night. Don’t tell my Daddy, but I snuck out, and came in here.” She continues to tell you how stressed her daddy makes her, and how she feels so much pressure on being Daddy’s good, little girl. “You know I’m so stressed all the time. I’m so full of anxiety, just trying to be perfect all the time… I’m always getting good grades. I always study. Daddy always makes me stay up late, for hours, just to study for exams. I can’t do it any more! I don’t wanna be Daddy’s good, little girl any more. I don’t want to study for tests.”

She continues to tell you about all the pressures on her, and that the reason she has come to see you is because she thinks you can help. She smiles, as she tries to get you to admit that you think she is sexy, that you fantasize and masturbate to the idea of fucking her. “It must be hard, being Daddy’s best friend, and being around such a hot daughter of his… but it’s okay I won’t tell my Daddy, if you don’t.” She tells you that she wants you to release her of all the stress–she wants to be bad with you. She continues to seduce you by getting naked, and talking dirty about how badly you must want her. She tells you that she needs you to fuck her hard and fast, so she can rebel against her daddy. “I see that your cock is hard for me. It’s okay–you can put it inside of me. But, I need one little favor… I need you to cum inside of me. You have to cum inside of me. It’s the only way I can get revenge against Daddy. But, don’t worry–he won’t know it’s yours. He’ll think it’s my boyfriend’s. And for nine months, I can have a nice, little stomach, and just watch him get more and more disappointed as it grows.” She tells you to fill her with your hot cum. She licks her fingers, and makes herself wet, and gets in a doggystyle position, so that you can fuck her hard and fast. “Come on, fill me with your seed.”

“I need to get on top of you! Let me get the stress out.” She bounces on your cock, and then grinds on top of it–moaning from pleasure. As you are fucking her, she continues to talk about how excited she is to see her dad’s disappointment when she gets pregnant. Now, she needs you on top of her. She clenches onto the blanket, as you fuck her, and she tells you to fill her with your cum. “Fuck me–give me your hot cum.”

“I can feel it inside of me… Oh, God. That feels so good… But don’t worry, Daddy won’t ever find out that his best friend got his good, little girl pregnant.”

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Help Me Get Back At Daddy By Impregnating Me