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Sexy Chick Sensual Masturbation And Jerk Off Encouragement




Look at my body, and get real hard for me. I give you a nice, slow, sensual strip tease, encouraging you get to hard for me. Tell me you want me to get naked. I lift up my dress, squeezing my chest softly, and running my hands down my body. Do you want me to take it off? Why don’t you come over and get a closer look? I play with my thong–stretching it out, and rubbing it with my fingers. Maybe you need to see everything? I get on the bed, and show you my perfect, tight body. It’s okay to pull out your hard cock, and rub the head of it. I continue to slowly strip down, until I am naked, and left wearing only my knee-high socks and black boots. Come on, jerk it for me. Make yourself feel really good.

I rub my clit with my finger, as I encourage you to stroke your cock. It’s so sensitive, and it feels so good. I put my dildo between my red lips, and suck on it before I start rubbing my clit with it. The stimulation is amazing, and it’s making me so wet. Can you hear how wet I am? Come on, stroke it for me–all the way up, and all the way down. I lay back on the bed, lick my fingers wet, and begin to fuck myself with only one finger. I’m so wet. I moan from pleasure, and continue to fuck myself–adding another finger. I lick my fingers clean, and get in a doggystyle position. Do you want to see how tight my ass is? I tease you for only a minute, as I push my finger inside of the small hole. It’s so tight that my finger barely fits. I turn back around, and begin to masturbate with my dildo–encouraging you to stroke your cock harder and faster for me. I continue to lay in different positions, pleasuring myself, and moaning louder and louder, as I get closer to cumming. Come on, stroke it for me. I need you to cum when I cum. I finally cum all over my dildo, and show off how drenched it is. I put my finger inside my pussy, and show you the cum on my fingers–licking everything clean. I just love watching you cum.

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Sexy Chick Sensual Masturbation And Jerk Off Encouragement